Pool Renovations Toorak


Upgrade your pool so that it matches the rest of your home with a high quality pool renovation. Toorak customers can rely on the experience of the Revival Pools team. We have been working in this space for over thirteen years, and can guarantee the high standard of work that will restore your pool so that it is as good as (or even better than) new. 

Trusted Pool Renovation Services Across Toorak and the nearby suburbs


Pebble Mix Pool Resurfacing for Toorak

One way to really bring your pool up to standard is with a resurfacing mix made from our Ocean Pebble range. When they choose resurfacing as a part of their pool renovation, Toorak customers can choose the colours and style that suit them. Pick brilliant blues that will reflect cool and refreshing colours on a summer’s day, or opt for something a little more unusual and unique.

If you are having trouble choosing, then why not look through our gallery of past projects to see how different pebble mixes will look once the project is complete. 


Restorative Pool Plumbing in Toorak

Our team can also restore your pool’s plumbing so that it functions as it should, or upgrade your system with clever features like fully automated filtration. The Revival Pools team can also install the solar heating system that allows you to make use of your pool throughout more of the year.