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Time for a pool renovation? Mornington Peninsula residents who are sick of their old and outdated pool can call on the experts at Revival Pools for a transformation that will have their pool looking as good as (or even better than) new.

You may think that the shape, style, and materials used for the original pool mean that it can never be brought up to the standards of today, however concrete pools lend themselves very well to renovation, and with our tiling, paving, and resurfacing services, we can turn your old pool into a stunning centrepiece for your garden, or even the best part of your home!

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Pebble Mix Pool Resurfacing for the Mornington Peninsula

Pool resurfacing with our high quality Ocean Pebble Mix not only addresses the practical issues of a cracked or worn pool surface, but it also gives your entire pool area a stunning facelift. Choose the mix of colours and glass specifications that suit your style, from the stunning blues that will evoke a tropical vibe, to the sophisticated mixes that complement your travertine, granite, or sandstone coping and paving.


Restorative Pool Plumbing on the Mornington Peninsula

The right plumbing and fixtures will complete the practical side of your pool renovation. Mornington Peninsula locals can count on this service from Revival Pools whether they have noticed serious issues with the current plumbing, or simply wish to upgrade to a more efficient, and lower maintenance system.

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