Solar Pool Heating Mornington Peninsula


There’s no rivalling the Mornington Peninsula beaches in summer, but those of us who live here year round might find ourselves wishing the waters were a little warmer for more of the year. With solar pool heating, Mornington Peninsula locals can extend their swimming season, enjoying the best that the combination of local beaches and a backyard pool have to offer.

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Smarter Solar Pool Heating for the Mornington Peninsula

Solar systems are the smarter option for heating Australian pools, as they allow you to harvest free energy from the sun’s abundant rays. It also makes sense to choose solar products that have been manufactured locally for local conditions, and so we use only 100% Australian made solar mats and panels.

To find out more about these solar systems, or the transformative pool renovations that Revival Pools are known for, Mornington Peninsula locals can contact us today by phone or by email.